Suite au lancement de Windows 10, Mozilla réagit et s’adresse à Microsoft pour revenir à un Web ouvert, où l’utilisateur a le choix et le contrôle sur sa navigation en ligne.

o  Lettre ouverte de Chris Beard, CEO de Mozilla à Satya Nadella

An Open Letter to Microsoft’s CEO: Don’t Roll Back the Clock on Choice and Control


I am writing to you about a very disturbing aspect of Windows 10. Specifically, that the update experience appears to have been designed to throw away the choice your customers have made about the Internet experience they want, and replace it with the Internet experience Microsoft wants them to have.

When we first saw the Windows 10 upgrade experience that strips users of their choice by effectively overriding existing user preferences for the Web browser and other apps, we reached out to your team to discuss this issue. Unfortunately, it didn’t result in any meaningful progress, hence this letter.

Pour lire la suite de la lettre ouverte, cliquer ici

Safeguarding Choice and Control Online

We are calling on Microsoft to “undo” its aggressive move to override user choice on Windows 10

Mozilla exists to bring choice, control and opportunity to everyone on the Web. We build Firefox and our other products for this reason. We build Mozilla as a non-profit organization for this reason. And we work to make the Internet experience beyond our products represent these values as much as we can.

Pour lire la suite du deuxième appel à Microsoft, cliquer ici

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